Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Feb. 27 cloudy & cool, PERIODS OF RAIN, Mulberry, Fl

I've been busy the last week doing final upgrades and prep for my boon docking adventure which will start for real next week. The solar panel arrived the end of last week. That is hooked up and doing good IF we have sun. Yesterday it rained hard a good part of the afternoon/ evening. Today not much sun either. So currently I am hooked up to the house electric so I can turn on the heat. It's kinda damp outside and inside. I'm wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts not capris and sleeveless and not liking it at all. But it is better than a lot of places I could name (PA).

Tuesday I received the generator and so far so good. Out of the box, I added oil and gas. Three easy pulls it started right up. It is very quiet and my brother is very impressed with it. I guess I made a good choice. I did not run it yesterday (Wednesday) but today, when I went to start it, 1 easy pull and it's running like a champ. It gets a thumbs up from me.

The battery I ordered was supposed to be here yesterday but did not come in. I have checked with the Interstate Battery people and they said, "if not today than tomorrow for sure." We'll see. So this afternoon they call, "my battery is in". Now I told them ( 3 times) I also need a battery box since it is quite a bit bigger than my old battery. When I pick it up, They tell me "they have a battery box that fits the width and depth but not the height." The lid sits on top of the battery but about 2 inches of the sides are exposed. Why they wouldn't have ordered the correct box when they ordered the battery is beyond me. Since I don't have time to wait for another box, I take this one and will made it work. So I ask, "what is the warranty on this battery?" No one knows. Mind you, this is not a cheap battery. Wouldn't you think this would be a question they would be prepared to answer when someone buys a new battery - any battery? They have to go online to Lifeline batteries to get the info. They can not print it out or give me anything in writing. They write it on the back of a business card. Hope the battery meets my expectations because Interstate in Lakeland sure DOES NOT. .

Back at Mikes', we finish work on the awning sun screen we made from the fabric I bought when I went shopping last week with my friend, Louise.  
A little sweat equity and a sewing machine and we're good to go. It turned out great and at a fraction of what I would have paid pre made. Here's a pic - what do you think?

That's all for today, folks. To all my RV and bloggers friends, safe travels and to PA friends and family, much love. Until next time...
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