Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


March 11,2014,  78 degrees - Ocala National Forest

After 7 weeks at my brother's to outfit the Travel Trailer as needed,  I have finally left to start this for real. Again, a great big thanks to Mike and Jan for your help and hospitality. There have been some ups and downs (thankfully-mostly ups), but I think we finally have it all set to go. Just one more add of another solar panel but that will come in May when I'm on my way back to PA to spend time with family. 

I did some fun things while in central FL including two trips to downtown Disney, toured the hotels and had lunch there and just enjoying the atmosphere. A day trip to Tampa for the Arts and Crafts show was a new experience for me. We saw lots of beautiful work, pottery, glass works, paintings, metal sculptures and even sidewalk chalk art. All of it was amazing. I scored these two quirky prints from a young artist, Richard 'Rick' Lorenz. He is the creator of 'U-BIRDZ' - "a birds eye view of the real YOU". The first one is Myrtle and she says "Oh, no you didn't!" The second one is Mini Myrtle (the daughter) and she says "Oh, yes - I did". They are so colorful and just made me smile. So now I have 2 new additions to the RV. What do you think of them? 

Today I left Mulberry to go to Ocala to meet up with Kyra, a solo boon docking friend I met a few weeks ago at the Boon docking Rally. I met her and a group of real independent gals who travel with the Escapees Boon dockers. We will go to meet up with the rest of the group tomorrow. The idea is to find primitive 
sites where you can stay at no charge, with no amenities (electric, sewer, cable, wifi). Often these are Wildlife or Water Management areas that are off the beaten track and used for hunting & fishing. We travel as a group so there is safety in numbers. There could be 2 rigs or 20. - come in and out as your time allows. This is great for me and I have learned a lot from talking with these gals and guys. They have helped me make decisions that will make my travels more enjoyable and my retirement $'s go farther. The right batteries, generator and solar panel system ( the heart of your 
electrical system) will make a big difference in the time I can spend with nature, in peace and quiet and off the grid.  I am really looking forward to doing as much of this as I can.  This is my 1st official boon docking campsite.

That's all for now folks. To my RV & blogger friends, safe travels. To PA family and friends, much love. I am glad you are beginning to see warmer days up there.