Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Monday, March 3, 2014


To Jo, a reader of my blog, thanks for the heads up about the battery. I emailed Lifeline about the situation. Let's see if I get any results. 

Today my friend, Louise, and I decided since it was such a beautiful, sunny day we needed to get outside and soak up some of it.  To that end, she suggested a trip to downtown Disney. She and her family are members of the Disney Vacation Club but she says many people don't know you can just go in, explore the hotels, have lunch, shop in the shops and enjoy to atmosphere even without being
a member. So we did just that.

First to the Animal Kingdom Lodge (which is beautiful and exotic). You feel as if you are transported to another country which I'm sure is the intent. We were in Africa backed up onto the Savanna. In the distance, we could see antelope, wildebeests, and, closer still, the giraffes. They just strolled up close to us (to get some lunch at the feeders) but I think it was just to visit us. Giraffes are my favorite animals with those long legs and the graceful necks. Aren't they beautiful?

Next to downtown Disney where we saw the Lego sculptures - they are amazing, detailed and incredible. They can't be called anything other than sculptures because an artist surely did this work. I took some pics that I hope the grand kids will get a kick out of these.

Then a stroll through a few of the shops admiring all the beautiful things for sale that we can't buy cause "there's no room in the RV's." But it's fun to window shop. We had a bite for lunch in the sandwich shop which was very good and inexpensive. Then we sat on the "boardwalk", people watched and soaked up to sun while we enjoyed an ice cream for desert. 

Next, a stop at the Container Store, where I had never been before. It has all things for storage, closet, food, cabinets, garage, etc.  It boggles the mind. I did get a organizer for my lids for pans that saves space under cabinet as well as makes them easier to find. In the small confines of an RV, this is a must.

That's all for today. For my RV and blogger friends, stay safe. To PA family and friends, much love and stay inside and warm with this new storm that's coming. Hope you all got your bread and milk. HA, HA!!

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