Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Friday, January 24, 2014


Even though it is colder than normal here in FL, it is way warmer than my home state of PA which is having single digit temps. With the heater on in the RV in the evening and early morning, temps inside are 70/72 (nice and comfy). 

I am spending my days getting some organization chores done in the RV.  Yesterday the bedroom area was cleared out so I can actually get out of bed on the right side and make up the bed. Today my brother helped me by hanging up towel bars, toilet paper holder, etc. and a pretty picture in the bathroom. Looks great and now I can turn around in there and also find things. YEAH!!! Thanks, Mike.

Take a look for yourself. 

Tomorrow the game plan is to work on the kitchen/pantry area. I need to have the things/food I use on a daily basis in the front of the cabinets and pantry. The things that are not, will go in the back of cabinet or in a 3 drawer plastic unit I have for them. That should help to clear up some more of the clutter. As any Rver knows, clutter makes your small RV look and feel even smaller. I will take more pictures as I progress.

That's all for now. Safe travels to my blog friends and love to family back in PA.

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