Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Saturday, January 25, 2014


With a high today around 70 degrees, I opened the RV windows and got a nice breeze in here. The sun feels good after the cold of PA. I am enjoying it even though most of my day is spent in RV getting it organized. 

Today we got the Wii and TV hooked up, cable and DVD connected to make sure all in is working order. Made the miles of cords disappear with the help of some wire ties so no more spegetti factory hanging down. 

My brother installed window vents on my Tahoe so I can get some air flow even if it is raining when I'm traveling. Thanks for the help, Mike.

I got the pantry situation finished and was able to 
bring a box of food I had in the Tahoe inside the RV and put it away where I can use it. Now I have lists 
of what I put in what cabinets so I can just consult 
the list instead of pulling all the cabinets apart 
looking for what I want. We'll see how that works until I get used to my new home.

I talked to the neighbors here who have a 
motorhome and do a fair amount of traveling. They 
gave me some good ideas that I will be looking into. 
Also gave me some guidance on cell service (Verizon is what I was considering and that's what they have and love it). They have mifi for internet and say they can get online almost everywhere they go. So when my contract will Sprint is over in 2 weeks, I'm heading to the Verizon store for info. I'm also checking out straight talk through Walmart since they have no contract. We'll see which is the better fit for me. 

Tomorrow my brother and I will work on putting up some shelves. I had to make a trip to Home Depot today since the picture I put in the bathroom yesterday with 2 way tape  fell down during the night. I got industrial strength Velcro so I'll try that - see it it holds.

That's all for now. Safe travels blogger friends and love to family in PA.
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