Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

COUNTDOWN 10 days until take off

Today I heard from the RV dealer that my Freedom Express will be ready for pick up on Monday the 13th. I will go with my son to pick it up and bring it home. I am 90 % ready with my downsizing, purging to proceed on the next leg of my full-time journey. I have purged my closet and dressers twice already but have to get rid of more. As you women may know, I had way too many clothes. But I had work and casual clothes. Since retirement and heading into full timing, I will only need casual clothes with a few nicer outfits. Also since it is winter here in PA with yesterdays high of 8 degrees, sweaters and sweats have been the mode of dress. I will pack most of those away (but will take some along) since I hope to spend most of my time in the warmer climes. 

My family will help with the loading up of the RV and within a week, I will be heading toward FL. The plan is to get South of the Border on the 2nd day of travel so I don't have to worry about bad weather (snow,ice). Then 1 or 2 more days depending on how it goes with the driving and I will arrive at my brothers house in FL. Since I previously drove a 350 Ford dually truck pulling a 36' 5er, I am confident I can handle this. However, I only spelled my husband in allowing him a few hours break and have never driven completely on my own before. This will be a new and exciting experience for me. 

One more doctors appointment on Friday to get final clearance after my appendix surgery and I am all ready to go.

I placed an order on Amazon today for water and sewer hoses, levelers and assorted things I will need to be delivered within the next week. I am certain there will be things I overlooked but I can do a run to Camping World or Walmart in Fl as needed. It's a shame I didn't keep some of these things when I sold our 5er after my husband passed away. But, naturally, I never dreamed I would be beginning this adventure again but on my own, this time. I am SOOOO up for the challenge.  

I will try to blog every other day until I get to Fl. Then I plan to blog everyday when I have Internet access to keep family & friends updated with my travels.

Until next, safe travels to my fellow RVers and Love to family & friends.
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