Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another snowstorm and still in PA

I was hoping I would be closer to starting for my fulltime adventure by now. As it is, I am still in PA waiting to hear from RV dealer as to when they will have my TT ready for me to pick up.   I ordered my 2014 Coachman Freedom Express TT on 10/3/13 with the agreement they would install a slide out cover and a ladder with my package. I was just to let them know a week in advance (as they stored it for me) to come pick it up. Now 3 months later, the slide out cover was incorrectly   
ordered and it's not ready yet. Hope this is not a prelude of how things are going to go. I bought new so I would not have problems (repairs). 

In the meantime, I just keep going
through my stuff getting rid of whatever I will not take in the RV or store. My 
son & grandson will stay in my apartment for now, so I do not have to get rid of big ticket items (furniture, TV, refrig., washer, dryer, etc.). I will probably have to deal with that next year when he is getting married and 
moving to bigger place. 

Snow here is PA today with 10" predicted with wind chills tomorrow at -12. That's way to cold for me and one   reason I am anxious to get moving on to warmer climes.

For now, I will stay inside where it's nice and toasty warm, check in with my blogger friends and do some more research on full-timing. Safe travels to all.

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