Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Williams Landing and Back home in PA

It has been a busy few weeks so I will try to catch up now. I spent 10 + days at Williams Landing near Tallahassee, Fl at a free campground. It is located on Lake Talquin in the upper northern part of the Apalachicola National Forest. My friend, Hazel was staying there and some friends and I were over to visit with her about a week before we moved campsites. The original plan was to go to another WMA campsite but when we attempted to get there, the road was completely flooded across. So we went to plan B. It was a good choice, on a beautiful Lake, with flush toilets, showers, water available and 4 G internet/cell signal plus enough sun for the solar panels. Had a great time. Check out these pictures and the sunset. 

While staying near Tallahassee, we went to the Food Truck wars. If you've never been, it's a different experience. Numerous food truck (at least 6 - 8) with many different types of food for sale, and a band playing for your listening pleasure. We sat on lawn chairs, ate our delicious food and enjoyed the atmosphere, music and the evening. 

It was nearing the end on May and time to move on. My friend, Louise, who I have been caravanning with needed to be in Indiana by May 6 and I was headed for PA. However, after traveling I 95 back and forth from FL to PA with my husband, when we lived in FL, I decided to take a more scenic route? After a few nights Walmarting 

while traveling on route 27 going around all the big cities, up through the mountains in West Virginia, ending on I 81 in Shippensburg, PA, I visited with some family there. It was a nice trip and a new experience for me on the 5 & 6% grades. I wanted to try the grades out since I am planning to travel out west in a few months and wanted to test out my rig and Tow vehicle. I understand they have pretty many grades out there. I am glad to say I had no problems. But I will be using the Truckers Atlas & the rand macNally motor carrier atlas to avoid them when possible. The less wear and tear on "The Freedom and Tahoe" the better.

I am back in PA now staying with my son for a few weeks and enjoying kids, grandkids, great grands and family. My brother-in-law and nephew are doing some work on the "Freedom" for me. I will have the solar panels installed in about 10 days and will let you know how that goes. Then I will spend the month of June with my daughter and her family.

That's all for now. Safe travels to my blogger and RV friends. And Family - it's good to be home with you. Love to all.

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