Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am back on the road after spending 2 weeks visiting with family in Pa. I stayed with my son & grandson while the "Freedom" got a new addition. My BIL & nephew, who are both welders, built me this awesome box for my battery & generator. Now they are more secure and out of sight - locked up so I have one less thing to be concerned about. They did an awesome job and I have room to spare in case I decide I want that second battery for expansion. Thanks Jerry & Kevin for all your hard work. Here are pics - what do you think?

I am now at Brandywine Creek Campground in Lyndell, PA near Downingtown.

The purpose for my trip this week is to have my SOLAR PANELS installed. I have had this scheduled for 2+ months and am so ready to have this done. When I attended the boon docking rally with given by Howard & Linda Payne, they referred me to a fellow who does solar installs. He is just starting a traveling solar business, being certified by AM Solar - "a big solar company where folks from all over North America go for professional installations at their new facility in Springfield, Oregon, just off Interstate 5." He & his wife are downsizing, selling their house and going full timing. Sound familiar? Well, guess what? He's near Lancaster, PA, very close to my home town. Since I planned on a summer visit to family, I coordinated my install for that time. The best part is, since he's just starting this business, I am getting a break on the price so it works out good for everyone. He is installing 2 - 100 watts solar panels, a 600 watt inverter and a battery monitor. I am so excited & ready for this next step in my adventure. I love boon docking so this will allow me more freedom to run some appliances I have not been using - my Kureig coffee maker, my sewing machine, TV, charge my phone, computer, IPad, etc. Of course, not all at once and probably not often, but it will be great to have the option. Stayed tuned for some pics of the install. I also took the opportunity to complete my latest crafting project. It's made from felt and really brightens up my sofa/LR. What do you think?

While I have full hook up (which I am totally NOT used to) including water, I took the advantage to give my Freedom Baby a bath. It was much needed especially the awning underside. She is now shining like the beauty she is and looks much better. See here........

That's all for now. To my fellow RVers and bloggers, stay safe and happy travels. To friends and family in PA, I'll be back soon all ready to soak up some sun (on my panels). LOL

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