Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Feb. 19.     61 degrees.  Mulberry, FL
I am back at my brothers and have been going over my notes from the rally. It is time to decide which upgrades are the most important and start out with those. From what I learned and experienced, it's the batteries 1st and foremost. They are the heart of your system. So I go off to Interstate Batteries in Lakeland to see what they have. On a recommendation from my new friend, 

Monte, I inquire about the Lifeline GPL-30 HT deep cycle AGM 150 amp hour battery. Although they do carry RV batteries they don't have this one but can get it for me in 4/5 days. All they have is 2 6 v. Golf cart batteries. I choose to trust my friends recommendation and have them order it. It is costly but I believe it is my best option. Now I just wait for it to come in.

Next I look at generators. The small one I used at the rally did not work half the time and the rest of the time, I couldn't start it. So I took it back, got my money refunded and bought a Honda 2000i. It's alot of money but for boon docking, it is very important to keep the battery charged. The money 
I spend now will be saved later when I don't have to pay campground fees as I will be self-contained and off the grid.

My plan is to stay here in Mulberry "mooch 
docking" (as "the solo ladies" call it) at my brothers for about 2 weeks. This will allow time for the deliveries from Amazon to arrive and, once everything is installed & tested, I will join my new friends on the EKP rondavous trail. They have been boon docking for over 120 days and not paid any campground fees. That sounds really good to me and they are a lot of fun to boot. Kyra, Gina, Arlene, DJ, Kris and Louise are a great source of knowledge and I am looking forward to learning more from them.

That's all for today. I am looking forward to spending the day with my friend,  Louise, tomorrow. To my RV & blogger friends, stay safe and to PA family and friends, sending much love your way.
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