Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Monday, February 3, 2014


I purchased replacement towing mirrors for the Tahoe and my brother was kind enough to install them for me. He saved me a lot of money and they sure do look nice. What do you think? 

They even have a bottom concave mirror and turn signal arrows built in.  I took it out for a day of shopping. They are a great help in seeing behind me on the highway. Now to test them when pulling 
the RV.  

I had my first lesson in hooking up the RV to the Tahoe on my own. Well, sort of!! Little brother was right there beside me with guidance, but I did all the work. Since he was a truck driver for many years and a guy, he was a great help. Just pointed me in the right direction and I "got 'er done".!  Then I backed the whole sebang up, between a post on one side and a mailbox on the other - with a ditch on both sides. Look at this.

Then the real learning experience began. I have to say, it took a little bit of back and forth, turning and pulling ahead. But  I DID IT!  Mike said I did good - for a girl (...brothers.... What can u say). No, really, he said I did good for my 1st time. I know it will take a lot more practice. Experience is the best teacher and slow and steady wins the race. But who's racing - I have lots of time - I'm retired. Here's my new parking spot for the next week.

I wanted to be able to access both sides of RV to organize storage under it. That's part of why we moved it. Also I need the practice backing up, lining up RV and Tahoe. This way I can do it anytime I want since the tongue in now pointed toward the driveway. That's my goal for this week.   PRACTICE! practice, practice.

That's all for now. All my RV blogger friends, safe travels. To my family and friends and PA who are getting hammered by snowstorm after snowstorm with more to come, just remember only 6 MORE weeks of winter. HA, HA. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Really, stay safe, warm and inside if you can. Love to all.
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