Freedom Express & Tahoe

Freedom Express & Tahoe

Friday, October 4, 2013

Health check ups & shots

Thanks Al, Tina and Carolyn for the comments and encouragement. I will take your advice and have been following as many blogs as I can to get all the help you/they have to offer. RV Sue is my idol and I would love to be able travel as she does but do want a little more "people contact." Though I've been following a lot of blogs in the background (reading older posts) I am now trying to rsspond on a semi daily basis. Good advice from my fellow bloggers. 

I'm getting some health issues in check, annual physical, eye exam, dentist, flu and shingles shots to prepare for hopefully 9 months on the road beginning January if all goes well. I am looking at retirement at that time when I turn THE BIG 65

I have a 2007 chevy Tahoe with low mileage, tow package & new tires in great condition that I am confident will be a good tow vehicle. I continue to look at trailers and do like RV Sues set up but I want something a little larger maybe 22". Also continue to downsize and get rid of a lifetime of "stuff". I'll be glad when thats done.

Safe travels to all my fellow bloggers. Hope to meet you down the highway.
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